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The SCAT model TJS is T-handle or hand held. TJS comes with a nylon wrist strap. The TJS is an automatic release that can be set with a delayed firing time of 0 to 6+ seconds. You adjust the timing to what you want. I like about 1 to 2 seconds, my son likes about 4 to 5 seconds. This way once you activate the release you can concentrate on aiming and no have to think about the trigger. The TJS can also be shot as a relaxed thumb release. The TJS can be used with the release string or a D-loop. I prefer a D- loop.

To operate the TJS you push on the back of the jaw to open it, place on the string and let the jaw close. Now push down on the trigger with your thumb and hold it down. Draw your bow, aim and relax your thumb, let the trigger come all the way out. The hydraulics will push the inside trigger out and fire the release. You can keep your thumb lightly on the trigger or take it all the way off . If you want to stop your shot just push in with your thumb. Because the SCAT works with hydraulic fluid and O-rings the timing will change with the temperature, faster when warm, slower when cold. That is why the speed adjustment is so easy to make, there are two ways to adjust the speed. The trigger adjuster screws in and out to adjust trigger travel. This can be done with your fingers. The needle valve can be screwed in and out to adjust flow rate. This can be done with thumb nail or a dime. The TJS is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, no rusting. the jaws are hand polished and very easy on the string.

Shooting the SCAT TJS is like shooting a standard back tension release but with more control.