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Siegfried Release Company

Siegfried Release Company is a family owned business located in the beautiful state of Oregon.

Back in 97 or 98 I developed the dreaded target panic. I couldn't get the pin any where near the center of a target without punching the trigger. So I started trying different releases and found I could punch them all. I almost gave up on archery but I loved hunting to much to stop.

Then one day I had an idea I had to get my finger off the trigger so I had no control as to when the release went off. But I couldn't be able to feel any movement or hear any noise so the release would be a complete surprise.

It took a couple of years and a lot of trial and error before I got it right.

The first time I shot one it was like a whole new world opened up for me. Now it seems simple  just hold the pin where I want and let the release do the rest. 

Please feel free to call or e-mail for more information, a dealer near you or to order.
Contact Information:

Siegfried Release Company
15145 Strong Road

Phone: 503-623-5374